Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program
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Clinical and Support Services

We offer clinical and support services for veterans and their entire family throughout the deployment cycleWhen one family member serves in the military, the entire family serves. That’s why the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program is committed to meeting the mental health needs of both veterans AND their families.

Military families are known for their resiliency. But during the past ten years, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, repeated deployments, and shorter “dwell” time between deployments have taken a toll on even the strongest families. Multiple military deployments and reintegration stresses affect the entire family, including spouses, significant others, children at all ages, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and grandparents—as well as close friends.  Too often, these effects on loved ones go unrecognized.

Care for Families Throughout the Deployment Cycle

At Home Base, we offer clinical and support services for everyone in the family throughout the deployment cycle. We know that when we strengthen bonds within the family, we can help promote resiliency and health during challenging times.

In addition, Home Base works to build awareness in the civilian community about the needs of military families and offers education for clinicians and community members about the “invisible wounds of war." We believe that schools, health care providers, non–profit family–service organizations, employers, and faith communities all have a role in keeping our military families strong.

The Home Base Family Support Team clinical staff work with families by using the Marjorie E. Korff Parenting At a Challenging Time (PACT) Model. The PACT Model identifies each family’s particular strengths in problem-solving and builds new skills and confidence to help families thrive during deployment and reintegration.

Home Base provides a wide range of support for family members including:

  • Individual counseling for adult family members and children
  • Parent guidance on how to help children during deployment and reintegration
  • Family education, consultation and referral to community services
  • Couples therapy for post traumatic stress (PTSD)
  • Support groups for military siblings and parents