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Talking With Children

Talking with children about a parent's upcoming military deployment or homecoming can be challenging. If something troubling about the military is covered widely in the news, it is difficult to know how to talk about it. At the Home Base Program, we like to say, "for every one warrior, there are ten worriers." Depending on a child's age or life experience, a parent's absence and return can be cause for great joy—or stress. Family routines are changed and so is communication.

The Family Support Team at the Home Base Program has experience in working with children and families as family relationships and routines change. We've prepared three tools to help parents talk with children during these challenging times:

If your child is experiencing signs of stress (trouble sleeping, difficulty with school work, behavior problems) and you believe it is connected to a parent's deployment or return home, call the Home Base Family Team for help at 617-724-5202.