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How is My Family Doing?

“When one family member serves, the entire family serves.”  Military families are known for their strength and resiliency, but having a loved-one absent and in harm’s way for long – and sometimes repeated – periods of time puts a strain on spouses, parents, children, and siblings.  With support, most military family members overcome these challenges, but it’s important to know when you or someone else in your family needs help.

As you read through these questions, think about whether you or someone you know has had this experience in the past month.

None of your responses are collected, stored or sent over the Internet.

How is My Family Doing?

Are you, or any of your family members:

1. Feeling alone in spite of being in a close relationship?
2. Engaging in risky activities, like driving too fast?
3. Drinking and/or using drugs more than before?
4. Having trouble at school with grades, behavior problems or attendance?
5. Lost interest in being with family and friends?
6. Having trouble remembering things and following through?
7. Weepy, clingy, or easily frustrated?
8. Having trouble getting to sleep and getting a restful night’s sleep?
9. Feeling irritated, angry, or aggressive?

If you or someone in your family is having these experiences, you should consider getting some help to get things back on track in your family.

Home Base clinicians can offer you an appointment within two weeks or sooner, and can develop a support plan for you or your family member. Please call 617- 724- 5202 or click here to connect with care at Home Base.

Click here for helpful tips on coping with deployment stress as a family.